The Jefferson Fund  

Was Started By Citizens Who Recognized The Critical Role Law Enforcement Plays In Any National Crisis Such As The COVID-19 Situation.  They Are The Thin Crust On The Volcano.  And By The Difficult Spot Some Officers Are Being Put In; To Choose Between Honoring Their Oath And Obeying Unconstitutional Orders.  The Jefferson Fund Is A Means And An Opportunity For Citizens To Support LEO's Financially Via Who Make The Decision To Stand With The People And Their Rights Guaranteed By The State And Federal Constitution.  Don't Wait For Someone Else To Solve The Problem.  If YOU See A Law Enforcement Officer Under Attack Start A GoFundMe Campaign And Send The Link To: To Have It Listed On This Page.  In Addition An Open Letter To Law Enforcement Was Created For Both Citizens and LEO's To Sign Committing To Each Other To Work Together In Order To Keep America FREE!

Officer Greg Anderson Is The Kind Of Person The Jefferson Fund Was Created To Support  

If You Are A law Enforcement Officer Or Citizen, Please Add Your Name Below To Commit To The Cause.  You Will Then Be Taken To A Page With Links To GoFundMe Campaigns To Support Those Peace Officers That Are Standing Between You And Tyranny!

I am a People
I am a County Sheriff
I am a Peace Officer 
We will send out an email with a link to the list of names once we reach 100,000 signatures.

Another well coordinated attack against one of Washington State's more Constitutionally minded Sheriffs: 

Submit your information above to join the cause to see all the Sheriffs and Peace officers that we need to stand and support!

We salute these brave officers for standing in solidarity with their local citizens in Kansas City!